UK snow.

04-06-2018 12:33:45


So I have been listening to the snow reports on BBC radio and others, it seems you are having it rough over there but are you not old enough to remember how bad it was years ago ? I remember living in the village of Maidford in Northomptonshire and being cut off for nearly a week, I was a pupil at Woodford Halse and the school bus could not get through, when it did on the fourth day of the school week I got the cane for not going to school, even though not one other pupil went, I was made an example of because in the words of that sadistic b*****d headmaster he couldn't cane everyone, he had to select one to treat like crap. My Mum went mad.Anyway, it may please you all to know that today alone we got over 18 inches of snow, I still drove through it for 250 miles to get to Ben & Jerry's so you could all get your dam ice cream LOL. I did however refuse point blank to drop my trailer at a tank wash and bob tail home in it.

Please help.

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