Ban Mountain Bikes from our Mountains

04-06-2018 12:30:39


I climbed to the summit of the Ben via the tourist path. Nothing unusual in that as there were hundreds of people doing the same thing. My point is that during the final 5/600 feet of ascent we were confronted with 6 people descending the same path on mountain bikes at great speed. They had no regard for their own safety and more importantly for the safety of other walkers around them. Indeed I along with several others had to take quick decisive action to avoid being seriously injured if not killed. Whilst I am all for adventure and extremes sports (having climbed several routes on the North face of Ben Nevis) the “tourist path” on a bank holiday is not the best place to practice. More over the Nevis Partnership am guessing have spent thousands of pounds repairing the path for walkers to ascend to the summit only for mountain bikers to rip it up in a very short time. Sadly these activists have no respect for people or the environment which they seek enjoyment.

Please help.

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