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04-06-2018 10:35:04


Serious question: how do teammates help in the mountains?I've done club rides and the benefit of drafting, especially in a pack, is quite noticeable. They say you get 30% more efficiency and it must be a critical 30% because it can almost feel like you're being swept along by the draft and vortex of the bunch.
But I have difficulty picturing how teammates help in mountain climbs where headwind isn't really a factor (or is it? I don't know). It must be important because all the commentators talk about Radioshack's depth in the mountains, and Evan's lack of the same.Sometimes they talk about countering attacks etc., but I don't see how it would help Evans for example if his team flew off the front to capture an attack... isn't the bottom line still where Evans is at the finish?So, how do teammates play such a critical role in the mountains?

Any help will be apprecited.

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