Snow covered parking lot, what do you...

04-06-2018 10:32:58


I use a communal parking lot at my apartment complex. There's no assigned spots, and when it's full, there's few empty spots left. With this in mind, when it snows, I actually get out of my car to brush off a small part of the lot where I plan to park so that I can see where the line is, and not park like a douche. I sometimes use another car, or the curb or something to make a "best guess" estimate of where to park, but when it's snowing, it's not always very accurate.My brother, upon hearing this, said I was a freak. He's the type that drives a big truck, and is going to park it wherever he wants, everyone else be damned. IOW: the people that drive me nuts.Am I crazy?

Any help will be apprecited.

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