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04-06-2018 10:31:14


I'm considering buying a Decathlon B-Twin Sport 1 as my first road bike and am struggling to find any reviews for it.Has anyone owned or ridden this bike? If so I would very much appreciate your views on it. It seems good value at £279 and as I'm on a very tight budget it's either this or the Carrera Virtuoso.I have only recently bought a Carrera Subway hybrid for commuting 12 miles per day and have found myself craving a bit more speed! After a few teething problems I am now very happy with the Carrera Subway which is the reason I looked at the Virtuoso aswell.The B-Twin Sport 1 just looks better though and both have similar spec, I'd just like to hear from anyone who has personal experience of them.

Any help will be apprecited.

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