Can someone explain how cycling is 2...

11-05-2018 08:35:03


From what I've gathered, I'll be sidelined from rowing for the next several weeks due to a possible rib stress fracture. Even if it isn't a full blown stress fracture, it will still take about 3-4 weeks. So I decided I'll do a lot of biking, and maybe a little running if I'm comfortable enough with it.I've read that with cycling, you need to essentially double your rowing minutes to have the same effect. Does that mean that if I normally erg 45' on Monday, I now have to bike 90? Does my HR during this matter at all? If my hold a 160 HR for a 60' steady state does that mean to get the same effect from cycling, I will have to hold 160 HR for 2 hours?

Please help.

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