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03-05-2018 10:27:01



ust upgraded to Mountain Lion and i've been running into a problem that's making me tear what little hair i have out of my head. Basically, after upgrading i've been unable to make any SMB connections to any of my Windows boxen at home. Prior to the update there was no problem doing thisMy home network is pretty simple. No domains, and just 3 PCs connected to a router by wifi and ethernet. I've tried having the mac on wifi and ethernet and have been unsuccessful connecting with either.I've tried all sorts of different combinations in Finder "connect to server" to get this to work. including:None of these work, and i get error messages like:there was a problem connecting to ... check the server name"Now, the Mac *is* able to ping these Windows boxes. So it can see them. It just seems like SMB is really not happy for some reason. Does anyone have any ideas? Are there ways to troubleshoot what's going on and get more usable information about what the problem is?


Please help.

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