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I have been running my ibike Aero Gen III on my road bike for about 3 weeks now and I’m loving it. I have an upcoming XC mtb race and I’d like to try the ibike on my mtb. I have read through the forums and it sounds like the data is fairly accurate on climbs and flats (which is what I care about) and maybe a little inconsistent on technical decent or tight switchbacks which I’m okay withMy question is, what is the best way to setup the unit for the mtb? I have the stem mount and I can set the profile with the weight info but what about the Cal Ride and Coast Downs? Should I find a stretch of dirt trail to do the Cal and Coast or will the data be too inaccurate from the changes in terrain? Most of my XC races will be on hard pack or loose over hard pack trails…sand and mud are rare. Although my bike is full suspension it’s very stiff and I run very low rolling resistance tires. Are there some base numbers I should plug in for the Aero, Wind Scaling, Cda, Fric, and Crr? If not, what is the way to set it up to get the most accurate data?

Please help.

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